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SoundCloud have become a largest music platform (online) for musicians but when it comes the time to buy SoundCloud plays then there are few misconceptions about it like how it will work and what is the value of these plays. Buying plays is an effective method to generate the traffic especially from social areas. You can increase the likes, followers and favorites by buying plays.
You should not move to any myth because myths are always half truth or complete false.  Buying these services will not go against your popularity but increase it.
Here I am going to share some myths which are very popular but based on only wrong misconception about buying plays on SoundCloud.

Buying plays are worthless

This first myth is that buying plays are fake and worthless, which is unfortunately half-truth. But they do help to generate traffic from social channels. This is basically the process that other people also follow. It doesn’t matter if the plays you are buying are fake or not because people love to listen music and the search different tracks on SoundCloud and it may be possible that they can hit play from any on your tracks and this way you can get organic traffic which can give you a high views.

 You can be ban for buying plays

Another myth is that you can get banned for buying fake plays. It is partially true to some extent. Well, it also depends on other factors like from which vendor you are going to purchase the plays. There are different vendors offering their services. So first make a research and buy plays from a vendor who doesn’t create difficulties for you in future.
If you buy plays from reputable vendor, this thing will save you from any future mess or any issue.

 You have to give your credentials logins

There are many websites which demand your login information. But for buying SoundCloud you have no need to sign in your credential’s information. If you are placing an order for buying plays and they ask for your login information, then leave that website asap. Buying plays doesn’t require your credentials information.

 You can be spasm for buying plays

Again, this is another myth that you can be spasm for buying plays. Well, it all depends on the vendor that from which vendor you are buying the plays. A vendor with false reputation can share your information to next vendors for his own benefit. So, purchase the plays from a good reputation vendor that won’t compromise on the privacy of the buyers.

 The only need you have is to buy plays:

Another myth is that all you need is to buy plays and sit back which is not true. SoundCloud is not all about plays it more then that. You should also have quality likes, comments and followers to be successful as a musician in the SoundCloud. Buying plays is just another marketing strategy but you should also work on other strategy’s as well. Other parameters on which you should work are good content, followers and advertisement.

 All plays are 100% fake

In the first myth, I mention that buying plays are fake and worth less, which is not true in most cases. Most of the plays are fake but not true in the sense that all the plays i.e. 100% are fake. There are some vendors who provide false and fake plays. And some listeners get paid for click your music and all they must do to click on random music without even listening to them so don’t except them to be your real big fans.
 Your plays can be removed as a result of violation
This is again a myth that your plays can be disappear or removed because of low quality plays purchase from shady vendor. This myth is not true even 1% as your tracks will stay on the SoundCloud unless you yourself remove the track.
 Although we discuss some of the popular myths, that are understood to be true by some people on the SoundCloud. This is a very big Online market and you never know that who can make you fool by giving you low quality and fake service. All you need is to be careful and do well research before making any purchases.

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