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How to Buy Legit SoundCloud Plays

How to Buy Legit SoundCloud Plays

You might be thinking of buying SoundCloud plays, likes, followers and other services e.g downloads, shares and comments etc. Buying these services can boost your track rankings and it can bring more organic audience for your tracks as well. I have tested many websites and did many experiments to buy SoundCloud services which can really help me to get success in real times.
Of course, you can get audience reach to your tracks by sharing your content in relevant social media groups, with the help of YouTube and many other organic methods. But these are methods are not so easy as they looked. You can’t share too much on social media because they block your action of share after few shares. Sometime you share in 100 groups and only gets 5 to 10 clicks. Also, it is a very time-consuming process and mostly artist do not have such huge amount of free time. That is why most of the artist in the world buy SoundCloud services.

Best Place To Buy SoundCloud Services

Search on Google
Buy soundcloud plays from Google

You can simply search on Google “Buy SoundCloud plays” or “buy SoundCloud followers” and google will open up a lot of websites where you can buy these services. Make sure you choose a good website which has a goo reputation in the market. There are many spammers in the market which can take your money and go away. Although, google kick out such spammers from search results, but Google filter can skip sometime so you should take care of this. This is how you can go safely with buying online SoundCloud services.
  • Buy from a website which is old enough (You can check website age on Google)
  • Check for reviews from previous customers.
  • Never buy a huge amount first time. First try with smaller orders. Once thy deliver successfully, then you can place big orders
  • Use PayPal, so that if they scam, you can easily get your money back
These are some of the best tips you should follow to buy safely. If you find some good company, do let me know in the comment section below so that other can also get benefit from your experience.
Hire a freelancer
Buy Soundcloud plays from Fiverr upwork
 You can search for these services with freelancing websites such as Fiverr, SEOclerk, peopleperhour, Upwork and many others. Freelancing website are more secure as compared to those you get from Google search results. Your money goes to third party (Freelancing website), and services provider is asked to provide the services. Once the seller complete the task and delivers the work, Buyer check this work and if buyer(you) is satisfied, then seller is paid. So, in case seller do not deliver promised services, you will get your money back. Here are tips you can consult to hire a good freelancer
  • Check the reviews of the seller
  • Communicate with seller and ask what exactly he is going to deliver if you place order
  • Ask for a free demo if available
Freelancing websites are great place to hire people. These websites are trusted since last 15 years and million of services are sold on these websites. You can buy services with these websites with 100% security. I suggest to use Fiverr in all of these. I am affiliated with Fiverr but I found fiverr because it has lowest prices and very quality service providers. You will get best quality services and instant communication on fiverr. Also, other websites are not bad, But I mostly like to use Fiverr.

 Use Social Media Groups
Buy soundcloud plays from Facebook

You can also join groups on Facebook and you can find many people there who are selling social media services. These groups can provide you much more cheaper prices then above two option. People here are mostly from Asian countries and in these countries, you can buy services in very low prices.
These groups are also more secure as you pay once your order is delivered. But sometime people will ask you to pay first or at least pay 50% amount first. Be careful in such cases and always buy from trusted people.
How to buy securely?
Post seller profile link in the group and ask for his reviews
Check people profiles who are reviewing ( if they are real profiles)
If a seller gets good reviews from real profile then then there is no issue in paying first

These are some of best methods to buy SoundCloud plays, likes and other services. You can use any of above methods to buy SoundCloud services, and if you will follow my guidelines you will get high quality and scam free results. If you need any further help, you can ask me in comments and I will help you farther.

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