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SoundCloud have become a largest music platform (online) for musicians but when it comes the time to buy SoundCloud plays then there are few misconceptions about it like how it will work and what is the value of these plays. Buying plays is an effective method to generate the traffic especially from social areas. You can increase the likes, followers and favorites by buying plays.
You should not move to any myth because myths are always half truth or complete false.  Buying these services will not go against your popularity but increase it.
Here I am going to share some myths which are very popular but based on only wrong misconception about buying plays on SoundCloud.

Buying plays are worthless

This first myth is that buying plays are fake and worthless, which is unfortunately half-truth. But they do help to generate traffic from social channels. This is basically the process that other people also follow. It doesn’t matter if the plays you are buying are fake or not because people love to listen music and the search different tracks on SoundCloud and it may be possible that they can hit play from any on your tracks and this way you can get organic traffic which can give you a high views.

 You can be ban for buying plays

Another myth is that you can get banned for buying fake plays. It is partially true to some extent. Well, it also depends on other factors like from which vendor you are going to purchase the plays. There are different vendors offering their services. So first make a research and buy plays from a vendor who doesn’t create difficulties for you in future.
If you buy plays from reputable vendor, this thing will save you from any future mess or any issue.

 You have to give your credentials logins

There are many websites which demand your login information. But for buying SoundCloud you have no need to sign in your credential’s information. If you are placing an order for buying plays and they ask for your login information, then leave that website asap. Buying plays doesn’t require your credentials information.

 You can be spasm for buying plays

Again, this is another myth that you can be spasm for buying plays. Well, it all depends on the vendor that from which vendor you are buying the plays. A vendor with false reputation can share your information to next vendors for his own benefit. So, purchase the plays from a good reputation vendor that won’t compromise on the privacy of the buyers.

 The only need you have is to buy plays:

Another myth is that all you need is to buy plays and sit back which is not true. SoundCloud is not all about plays it more then that. You should also have quality likes, comments and followers to be successful as a musician in the SoundCloud. Buying plays is just another marketing strategy but you should also work on other strategy’s as well. Other parameters on which you should work are good content, followers and advertisement.

 All plays are 100% fake

In the first myth, I mention that buying plays are fake and worth less, which is not true in most cases. Most of the plays are fake but not true in the sense that all the plays i.e. 100% are fake. There are some vendors who provide false and fake plays. And some listeners get paid for click your music and all they must do to click on random music without even listening to them so don’t except them to be your real big fans.
 Your plays can be removed as a result of violation
This is again a myth that your plays can be disappear or removed because of low quality plays purchase from shady vendor. This myth is not true even 1% as your tracks will stay on the SoundCloud unless you yourself remove the track.
 Although we discuss some of the popular myths, that are understood to be true by some people on the SoundCloud. This is a very big Online market and you never know that who can make you fool by giving you low quality and fake service. All you need is to be careful and do well research before making any purchases.

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How to Buy Legit SoundCloud Plays

How to Buy Legit SoundCloud Plays

You might be thinking of buying SoundCloud plays, likes, followers and other services e.g downloads, shares and comments etc. Buying these services can boost your track rankings and it can bring more organic audience for your tracks as well. I have tested many websites and did many experiments to buy SoundCloud services which can really help me to get success in real times.
Of course, you can get audience reach to your tracks by sharing your content in relevant social media groups, with the help of YouTube and many other organic methods. But these are methods are not so easy as they looked. You can’t share too much on social media because they block your action of share after few shares. Sometime you share in 100 groups and only gets 5 to 10 clicks. Also, it is a very time-consuming process and mostly artist do not have such huge amount of free time. That is why most of the artist in the world buy SoundCloud services.

Best Place To Buy SoundCloud Services

Search on Google
Buy soundcloud plays from Google

You can simply search on Google “Buy SoundCloud plays” or “buy SoundCloud followers” and google will open up a lot of websites where you can buy these services. Make sure you choose a good website which has a goo reputation in the market. There are many spammers in the market which can take your money and go away. Although, google kick out such spammers from search results, but Google filter can skip sometime so you should take care of this. This is how you can go safely with buying online SoundCloud services.
  • Buy from a website which is old enough (You can check website age on Google)
  • Check for reviews from previous customers.
  • Never buy a huge amount first time. First try with smaller orders. Once thy deliver successfully, then you can place big orders
  • Use PayPal, so that if they scam, you can easily get your money back
These are some of the best tips you should follow to buy safely. If you find some good company, do let me know in the comment section below so that other can also get benefit from your experience.
Hire a freelancer
Buy Soundcloud plays from Fiverr upwork
 You can search for these services with freelancing websites such as Fiverr, SEOclerk, peopleperhour, Upwork and many others. Freelancing website are more secure as compared to those you get from Google search results. Your money goes to third party (Freelancing website), and services provider is asked to provide the services. Once the seller complete the task and delivers the work, Buyer check this work and if buyer(you) is satisfied, then seller is paid. So, in case seller do not deliver promised services, you will get your money back. Here are tips you can consult to hire a good freelancer
  • Check the reviews of the seller
  • Communicate with seller and ask what exactly he is going to deliver if you place order
  • Ask for a free demo if available
Freelancing websites are great place to hire people. These websites are trusted since last 15 years and million of services are sold on these websites. You can buy services with these websites with 100% security. I suggest to use Fiverr in all of these. I am affiliated with Fiverr but I found fiverr because it has lowest prices and very quality service providers. You will get best quality services and instant communication on fiverr. Also, other websites are not bad, But I mostly like to use Fiverr.

 Use Social Media Groups
Buy soundcloud plays from Facebook

You can also join groups on Facebook and you can find many people there who are selling social media services. These groups can provide you much more cheaper prices then above two option. People here are mostly from Asian countries and in these countries, you can buy services in very low prices.
These groups are also more secure as you pay once your order is delivered. But sometime people will ask you to pay first or at least pay 50% amount first. Be careful in such cases and always buy from trusted people.
How to buy securely?
Post seller profile link in the group and ask for his reviews
Check people profiles who are reviewing ( if they are real profiles)
If a seller gets good reviews from real profile then then there is no issue in paying first

These are some of best methods to buy SoundCloud plays, likes and other services. You can use any of above methods to buy SoundCloud services, and if you will follow my guidelines you will get high quality and scam free results. If you need any further help, you can ask me in comments and I will help you farther.

SoundCloud Tags - Soundcloud Tags To Get Plays

SoundCloud is the world biggest place to share audio tracks and other kind of music. If you are a new in music production industry and you are struggling to grow your SoundCloud audience then you should never underestimate the power of SoundCloud tags. Proper SoundCloud tags can generate massive increase in your organic reach and they can result in huge number of real SoundCloud plays, likes and new real followers.
What is SoundCloud tag? Tags are the words related to your type of music. It helps SoundCloud system to identify your tracks’ type. For example, for a hip-hop music your tag is #hip-hop. A tag can also be related to your brand. When you add genre of your music, it becomes your first tag, e.g. Disco.
When you use right tags, it helps SoundCloud to understand your tracks and as a result it showy our track in relevant results and to people which are already interested in that type of music.
How many other people are using tags on SoundCloud? To answer this question we have researched and found the following stats.
  • 68% of the brand use at least 3 tags with each track they upload
  • Tracks with 3 or more tags get 61% more organic reach than the similar tracks when they were uploaded without tags
  • 90% of the branded accounts use their brand name in the tags
  • 62% music artist use genre in the tags
From above stats you can understand the importance of SoundCloud tags. People are now really concentrating on using right amount of tags to get maximum exposure.
Here we will add famous hashtags for almost all music genres. You can simply copy and paste these hashtags with your SoundCloud tracks.
    SoundCloud tags for Popular music

Number Hashtags
1 #popularmusic
2 #PopularMusicSpace
3 #musician
4 #piano
5 #bestmusic
6 #newmusic
7 #electronicmusic
8 #chillmusic
9 #retromusic
10 #LostFrequencies
SoundCloud tags for Rock Music
Number Hashtags
1 #rockmusic
2 #rockmusician
3 #rockmusicphotographer
4 #rockmusical
5 #rockmusichayattir
6 #rockmusicofinstagram
7 #rockmusicians
8 #rockmusiclover
9 #rockmusicnashville
10 #rockmusicianspictures
11 #rockmusicman
12 #RockMusicarium
SoundCloud tags for Jazz Music
Number Hashtags
1 #Jazzmusic
2 #JazzMusician
3 #jazzmusicians
4 #jazzmusicaffe
5 #jazzmusicatl
6 #musician
7 #bluesmusic
SoundCloud tags for Hip Hop Music
Number Hashtags
1 #Hiphopmusic
2 #HiphopMusicVideo
3 #hiphopmusicdaily
4 #hiphopmusicvids`
5 #hiphopmusichonneys
6 #hiphopmusiced
7 #bluesmusic
8 #HipHopMusica
9 #hiphopmusician
10 #hiphopmusical
11 #hiphopmusicnews
12 #hiphopmusicproducer
13 #hiphopmusicproduction
14 #hiphopmusicvideos
15 #hiphopmusicl
SoundCloud tags for Classical Music
Number Hashtags
1 #Hiphopmusic
2 #HiphopMusicVideo
3 #Classicalmusic
4 #classicalmusician
5 #classicalmusicmode
6 #classicalmusiccover
7 #classicalmusicians
8 #classicalmusicmug
9 #classicalmusiclovers
10 #classicalmusicart
11 #classicalmusicposter
12 #classicalmusiclover
13 #classicalmusicianlife
14 #classicalmusicgroup
15 #classicalmusicconcert
16 #classicalmusiccollection
17 #classicalmusicshow
18 #classicalmusicdaily
This is the list of some best hashtags you can use in SoundCloud to ger more success. We will b updating list on weekly basis.

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5 Ways to Greatly Increase Your Sound Cloud Plays

5 Ways to Greatly Increase Your Sound Cloud Plays

What are the best ways to increase SoundCloud plays. This question is asked many times.On Sound Cloud, there are plenty of ways for specialists, marks, and guardians to gather streams for their tracks. A couple of those strategies incorporate being added to a playlist, getting reposted, and even transferred to another record with a huge after. In any case, Sound Cloud says there are a couple of different strategies for developing your plays and exploiting its calculations.
For audiophiles, Sound Cloud has become a perfect place for tracks that they wouldn’t readily find anywhere else.  And that has not gone unnoticed to many marketers who want to take advantage of the site’s growing popularity.  But unless you’re a demonstrate musician, getting people to listen to your tracks on Sound Cloud can be quite a challenge. If you're questioning why you must obtain Sound Cloud plays to extend your fan base, then you would like not to look additional than the plain outcomes of such associate exercise. Allow us to initial think about the advantages of shopping for Sound Cloud plays.
5 ways to increase soundcloud plays

1.    Sound Cloud metadata must be spotless
Your track shouldn't contain a bunch of unintelligible obscure messages. It should be that as it may, contain relevant data, for example, the craftsman name, track title, and name. In Sound Cloud’s blog entry, they give an incredible case of an awful and great title. A terrible title would be "AllxxThexStars051418vfinal." A great title would be "Every one of the Stars." Furthermore, "Abstain from copying data that is shown somewhere else," states Sound Cloud. "There's no compelling reason to add track numbers to your title when transferring a collection." Not every person on Sound Cloud is a craftsman. Mark records ought to give the craftsman's name and title so the craftsman and melody can be unmistakable. Also, this data assists with discoverability on the stage. Podcasters and writers should "incorporate significant data, for example, the names of visitors and exchange points in the title," expresses the post. "This assists with quests and discoverability."

2- Pictures and portrayals are particularly ground-breaking on Sound Cloud

 Try not to push the spread craftsmanship and portrayal down to the base of the need list. You should utilize high goals pictures and transfer and resize them to fit inside the limits. Likewise, the depiction is a fresh start that enables you to be as expressive and inventive as you need. Recount to your audience members the account of the sound you've transferred. In the portrayal you can include the "backstory, credits, verses, gear records, or lists of people to attend," includes the blog entry. This is additionally the ideal spot to give your collaborator(s) a holler by connecting their profiles. Stay reliable and proficient in your composition on your tracks.
3-Label the temperament and type of your sound
Each bit of sound has a state of mind attached to it. Make sure that you show it in the labels. Moreover, the calculation that Sound Cloud uses is quite certain and organizes proposals for its clients. On the off chance that your labels are right, you'll be substantially more discoverable. Furthermore, by picking the principle type of your track, you ought to accordingly include a couple of important sub-classifications and dispositions that portray your sound. "It's smarter to include a bunch of significant labels as opposed to going insane and include the greatest number of as you can," states the blog entry. Fundamentally, quality over amount. This demonstrates valid in a greater number of circumstances than just Sound Cloud labels. By chance, spottily utilizes a comparative discoverability calculation with dispositions, a component they included in 2013.
4- Be a craftsman and custodian for an exhaustive discography
 Much like a site, making your music simple to discover on your profile ought to be a top need. It is safe to say that you are discharging a collection, EP, or aggregation? Make a playlist for it since it appears under the "Collections" segment of your profile. Sound Cloud orders them as indicated by their discharge date, which makes it straightforward for fans. Moreover, audience members will probably add it to their gathering. Along these lines, notwithstanding getting reposts and transfers to fruitful profiles, you can do some essential metadata setup on your tracks. Fill in the majority of the data accurately, and guarantee your labels are important, not malicious. 
More SoundCloud Plays

5- Separating Pro Tip: How to Edit Multiple Tracks at Once
These updates can be tedious, however, Sound Cloud offers a few different ways to speed things up. That incorporates the capacity to refresh settings, labels, and work of art over numerous tracks, and even make another playlist from a determination of transfers.


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